The Key  is a process that synergies relationships in the workplace or any environment that concerns with people working with and for each other, to enhance a sense of achievement, participation and purpose.
The Key would like to add the ingredient of compassion in the workplace while also emphasising on competition, achievements and the perfect work-life balance.

Why The Key ?

Today‘s public and private sector Workplace has increasing demands for productivity. Personnel are more skill- attuned to the job but that hasn’t reduced the pressures on the demands of their personal life.

We offer Workplace Prevention measures to create and maintain the essential pre-requisite of Work Life Balance within the organization.

To alleviate Work Life issue that may crop up within organizations/ industries to promote a sense of ownership & retention within the employees for their organization.

To optimise the Work force to deliver maximum productivity.

The Key  builds bridges that globally link organizations & employers to their employees and vice versa. thus creating a globally congenial Workplace.
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What we do

Corporate Training

The Key   has a unique ability through workshops and synergy methods / activities that bring the workforce together to impact productivity for their organization.
Very often , a varying Global Economy affects changes in the workplace. The key is available to assist support and encourage growth for a better tomorrow for the employee and employer
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Educational Training

Language and Developmental Activities for the Workplace Working with Educational Providers the triangle of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Caregivers.
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Who Work With Us

The Key  has a highly qualified team of Analysts, Facilitators, Trainers and Counselors who come with a world of experience from across the globe.