Vijayan Pavamani
November 28, 1935 - August 20, 2006

This site is dedicated to my father and pioneer the late Rev. Dr. Vijayan Pavamani who
pioneered Workplace Prevention in 1996, Calcutta, India (amongst a whole other endeavours such as Calcutta Samaritans, Arunadey Midway Home, Calcutta Emmanuel School, Pavement Club, Emmanuel Ministries). His stupendous contribution made a national and global impact on all those he worked & dealt with, be it individuals, people, families, organizations, industries or just the society as a whole.

I draw inspiration from my father and his fervent belief and lifestyle that every human being deserves holistic wellness; and, having had the privilege of working beside him, i have garnered a wealth of experience that has paid rich dividends throughout my life and career, with which i have invested in creating The Key .

The Key   aims to enrich your lives by helping you achieve the perfect work life balance!


Ranjana Pavamani
Creator of The Key  

Copyright Ananda Shankar
The song played is called Namaskar by Ananda Shankar who has supported the work of Calcutta Samaritans and Emmanuel Ministries and whose music wove tunes of harmony and purpose in the lives of the children of Kolkata.