This page honours all those who shared the vision of The Key and without whose fervent support and contribution this would not be possible.

“Brilliant concept”
Business Strategist, New York, USA

"Fantastic idea! Addresses the nuances of the workplace mindset and creates a deeper understanding of the relationship between employer and employee. I truly believe that The Key is much needed for the development of a healthier and more progressive work force within any organization".
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, ITES Industry, India

“With the growing population within the workforce this proves to be The Key to so many of the employee –employer issues.”
SS Business Woman, China

“This is exactly what we need to alleviate to get rid of attrition and promote retention. Brilliant!!".
Vice President, ITES, India.

“Any support that creates retention and efficacy at the work place is always welcome. Congratulations, way to go! “
Banker, International Bank, Singapore.

“A pragmatic and effective tool to aid and motivate employees with accountability of their organization. An invaluable contribution to the business world. I wish The Key all the success".
GB, CEO, Decision Sciences, India.

“This is wonderful.”
IW, Businessman, UK.

“A creative genius of an idea, an amazing concept to get people more conscious of varying stress levels that they expose themselves to and how to effectively deal with it. I wish The Key all the best".
TV, Fashioner Designer & Stylist, India.

“A very necessary system, that should be part of every organization, especially the medical world. This is very good for people and profits".
AR, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Germany.

“Superb. This is something that the hotel industry has been waiting for – how to get the best out of our employees and deliver the best to our customers".
VV, Hotelier, India.

This is an awesome solution for the workplace".
Certified Counseling Professional, Florida USA.

“For employers who care about their employees and their growing stress levels, we need such an idea".
RS, Businessman, Sri Lanka.

"Any organisation that can help employees manage their lives holistically, will gain a competitive advantage in retaining and growing key talent".
Director, Saudi Arabia

Thank you one and all
Ranjana Pavamani
Creator of The Key